Who’s Down to Party?


SERVICE INDUSTRY HEAD HONCHOS: Still on the hunt for the ideal place to host your employee holiday party? Search no more!

Headquarters Beercade has the two most important elements for rockin’ party: refreshments and entertainment.

REFRESHMENTS: When it comes to booze, Headquarters is no one trick pony.

HQ’s beer list is ever-changing and boasts some of the most delectable craft beers in the Midwest. But wait, there’s more! The bar is stocked with spirits including vodka, rum, whiskey and tequila. Guests who enjoy a cheeky cocktail (and really, who doesn’t?) will love Headquarters’ menu, which includes the sweet Sodapopinski and sour Don Johnson.

ENTERTAINMENT: We’ve covered the ‘beer’, now on to the ‘cade’.

With an arsenal of over 35 arcade games, there’s something for everyone at Headquarters. For the sports enthusiast, we’ve got NBA Jam. Friendly competitors will dig our most recent additions, X-Men and Killer Instinct 2. For nostalgic partygoers, Pac-Man, Frogger and Mario Brothers may induce flashbacks. Oh, and PS – the games are free.

Host your holiday party at Headquarters and treat your employees to a bash that will be the topic of water cooler chats for years to come!

For details, email jordan@capacitybars.com.

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